Case Study / Sharif Hamza

Color Grading / Motion Graphics VFX / Motion Retouching / Print Retouching /

This project offered us an opportunity to seamlessly integrate still retouching, motion-retouching, and our motion visual effects skills to create a seductive, original video for the fashion industry’s leading forum for video content,   Sharif Hamza shot and conceptualized a high-voltage homage to the perfect red lip. Color-grading, motion retouching, and a computer generated lipstick drip – these things came from the BLANK team with a combined result that is provocative and otherworldly, yet realistic – a quality that just dares the viewer to look away. A beauty video at heart, it’s so much more than a beauty video  – we’re not just working with Hamza to reimagine lipstick, we’re pushing the boundaries of fashion video and photography. It may look like an ordinary red lip, but it’s painted a slightly deeper shade of sexy.