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We loved working with Christopher Nelson, a well-respected automotive photographer who’s making his mark in the industry. Experienced, established, esteemed: Nelson is well known for his dynamic and exciting work with brands like Mercedes-Benz, Range Rover, and Bentley.

Nelson approached Blank with images ready for that Blank treatment, ready for a new approach. Our producers and retouchers researched and concepted and then reworked from the ground up, electrifying the static images and enhancing the raw and powerful bones of a great car campaign.

When working with cars and technology, there’s no room for blurred lines. It’s about sharpening and honing an image so that the genuine “look and feel” of the car jumps out at you. In close collaboration, Nelson and Blank worked to refine the concept for the images, melding product with fantasy – illustrating important details and reshaping tone and mood. From light and reflection, chrome detailing, and paint finish: we transformed the environment in order to enhance the subtle idiosyncrasies of each car, magnetizing and revitalizing these striking and sharp campaigns.

smith nelson car