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Sometimes its impossible to get everyone you need into the same room, especially when it comes to large-scale campaigns. We understand that on your shoot date, anything can happen, or not happen, which is why we see the value in custom solutions. For the NFL, getting some of the greatest in the sport into one place wasn’t in the cards, resulting in a campaign that was shot in multiple locations with different lighting scenarios and directions. We were tasked with taking 265 individually shot images, using the linking touchstone – raw, powerful, hi-def athletic powerhouses – to bring them together, in less than 7 days. In some cases this meant conjuring light that simply didn’t exist, in others, carefully reshaping shadows to create the illusion that these athletes were all together at the same time for the shoot.

We engaged in some athletic activity ourselves. Working within a timeline, sending proofs back and forth wasn’t an option, so we went to plan B: our color experts flew directly to the agency headquarters in South Carolina to install a proofing computer station and viewing booth which we could calibrate and control from our office in New York. Serious color, steady tone, provocative atmosphere: some real, some reimagined, all concluding in a high impact series of photographs that make you feel you’re right in the middle of the action.