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Color of the Year / Sub Rosa

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Pantone, Inc is the absolute authority in color matching in any creative industry. Paint, plastics, and printing, Pantone has colors to match any concept and we depend upon them to accurately and reliably recreate colors across production lines.

Pantone’s color matching system is used across a number of industries we see every day – it’s used in the creation of fabrics in a skirt, the color on a model’s lips, and the ink we us in our printers. And so we were thrilled to partner with creative design agency Sub Rosa on the 2014 Pantone Advertising campaign which included the launch of Pantone’s 2014 Color of the year, “Radiant Orchid”.

Working with a color authority on a color advertising project is a unique experience, and we came prepared. Our producers and retouchers consulted directly with Sub Rosa’s design executive and principal creatives in the planning stages of the project, our digital technicians were on set to capture footage first hand, and then the work came back to Blank to be color corrected, matched, and perfected, finally to be viewed across print media platforms. G7-certified color experts oversaw every step and proofing was done on our Epson Oris proofing system to insure colors were accurately reproduced no matter the final substrate or output. The result was images that embodied the joyful brand vision and were full of all the beautiful little details.